Our work

RS Components Augmented Reality Virtual Town

RS Components are one of the worlds largest manufacturer of electronic components. Because of this, they tend to be typecast into this field, yet they offer a wider range of products and services.

To raise the profile of RS Components and show to their audiences that they have a diverse range of products and serrvices, we created a virtual town which represented four key business areas that RS Components are involved with. Initially, this was rolled out at leading UK exhibitions, where delegates would scan a number of podium markers in order to overlay the 3D town and bring it to life. Each marker included animations such as cars, pedestrian and office building, creating a true virtual town . Delegates would then have the option to discover the town looking for interactive elements to help reveal more information on the four key business areas. These were in the form of short videos, interactive infographics and carefully created content.

As mentioned, this initially launched purely at exhibitions around the UK, however, the virtual town was so successful, it is now being rolled out at their many offices. As well as being equipped onto sales staff devices, to be used as part of a wider sales and marketing function.