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My Worcester App

drpdigital have been working with Worcester Bosch, one of the UK’s largest domestic heating manufacturers, for a number of years. They do not employ any installers directly. Instead, external companies and installers across the UK can join the ‘Worcester Accredited Installer’ (WAI) scheme, where they are rewarded for recommending and installing Worcester Bosch equipment and heating solutions for consumers. The WAI installers are essentially a customer base for Worcester Bosch and provide significant revenue.

As one of their largest streams of revenue, Worcester Bosch saw it absolutely vital to create the best possible experience for installers to deal with them. Therefore, as part of their ongoing vision to simplify their installers’ experience, there was a need for an innovative and unique solution that revolutionised the key processes and tasks for the installers and office based logistical teams.

Following extensive research from focus groups and surveys, there were clearly many issues in the current processes with a need to simplify and update these, for the benefit of both the installers and the company. The main issues for the installers were:

•    Substantial amounts of time consuming and tedious ‘admin’
•    Too many and unnecessary communications channels between Worcester Bosch and their installers
•    Challenges in locating and loading product information on-the-go

There are many competitor apps on the market that offer similar tools, such as diary management and product directories. Worcester Bosch could’ve gone with a cheaper ‘out of the box’ solution that would have some effect on the experience. But, the vision was to create a bespoke solution that clearly improves both Worcester Bosch and their installers’ workflow with a combination of all the tools, formulating around the ‘The Customer’. By creating such solution, it alleviates busy schedules, admin time and margin for error, whilst driving more business for both the installer and Worcester Bosch themselves.

The tailored app solution needed to tackle all of the issues collated from the research and ensure installers can easily manage their businesses daily. The key features included

Registering Guarantees
For every installation, a Worcester Bosch certified guarantee is supplied to the end-consumer, ensuring the equipment is compliant and safe. Each guarantee used to be a fully manual and time-consuming process via an external non-user-friendly portal.  We integrated the app with the Worcester Bosch website – which was easy to do as we built the website – so all enquiry forms would be sent directly to local WAI installers via the My Worcester app. Each installer can decide whether to accept or reject the appointment.

Now integrated with the website customer enquiry/booking form, all details are sent directly to the installers app whilst on the go. The process is now a lot less time-consuming and reduces manual error:

•    Details of customers are already pre-populated directly via integration from website enquiry/booking form
•    Details of the installer are already pre-populated from the account info directly on the app
•    The app has a barcode scanning feature (using the devices in-built camera), allowing the installer to scan the new product which populates product specifications and serial numbers

Previously, the portal would run slowly if in remote locations. The new app ensures that the process runs in remote locations and offline.

My Calendar
My Calendar enables the installer to organise all appointments. The app also reminds the installer to contact their customers for an annual service after registering a product. Additionally, they can also add any training or events that they are attending. There is a separate module for training and events which lists any in the near future. Installers can register and sign up directly via the app, which is automatically loaded into the calendar and sends a notification nearer the day.

Knowledge Base
With a vast range of technical products, it’s almost impossible for installers to have in-depth knowledge of each one. The in-app knowledge base area allows users to search and find all the up-to-date information in one place, including documents, videos and frequently asked questions. The information can be easily updated by Worcester Bosch office staff, plus installers can save the documents for offline use when signal may be an issue.

Fault Finder
A large part of an installers role is repair work, and with the complexity of heating solutions nowadays, finding the cause of a fault can be a time-consuming and complex process. Built into the app is a fault finder module, allowing the installer to diagnose any issues quickly and easily. Our aim was to make this process as simple as possible – the installer fills in the fault code and they'll see a full description of the issue, the steps to resolve it and a list of parts that they may need.

With this feature, running pre-diagnostics over the phone with customers has meant that they can collect all the parts necessary before getting to the site, reducing wasted time and costs. Also, installers have the customers’ products required attached to the customer profile within the app, meaning they are better aware of the products to be fitted, repaired or serviced, prior to the visit. Resulting in far better customer support, efficiency of time, and in turn a greater revenue.

The ‘My Customers’ area allows installers to manage all customer details in one place, eradicating multiple systems or even paper solutions, working as a 24/7/365 directory.

This really is the hub of the app – it gives the installer a vast amount of information, all in one place, which allows them to be much better prepared for aspects like, the type of property or equipment needed etc. This is what the installers have always had a need and want for; a simple solution that creates a simple and easy experience, putting them in control.

The majority of these tools are available on other apps, covering either one or two of the functions, but we have brought them all together to create a unique solution, revolutionising the experience for both parties.