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EE 'Home Go Larger' Augmented Reality Activation

EE are recognised as the UK’s #1 provider of connected services and the market leader in 4G innovation.

To ensure their market leader status, we worked in partnership to create an augmented reality (AR) roadshow which toured nine of their office locations. The main objective was to educate their customer-led advisors on their new home broadband products which were launched at the beginning of 2018.

The augmented reality (AR) experience gave individuals the opportunity to learn about the new products and services in an interactive and engaging format. The interactions were built into an adaptable cardboard house. Delegates could then experience and learn about the products in four typical household areas, using a bespoke app built by DRPGdigital.

The four areas included 5 augmented reality activation points which delegates could explore freely. Each room also incorporated a quiz, in line with the new broadband products. To maximise engagement, prizes were given to the employees who answered the most questions correctly.