Our work

Usability Lab

Chiltern Railways wanted to explore the usability of its current online booking system, as well as evaluate a prototype of a newly developed front-end interface whilst benchmarking against a number of key competitor systems. We proposed a usability lab as a sure way of attaining valuable un-biased feedback from the client’s user segment. Scripts and tasks were created based on the most common user journeys in order to evaluate the usability of the interfaces. The UX team created a secure testing environment at the drpstudios allowing the UX researchers to collate the data and analyse the participant’s journeys in real time alongside the client

Chiltern Railways were able to gain valuable insight that could be applied to the design and development process and in turn improve the users experience and increase conversion. The process was so successful that Chiltern Railways plan to run further sessions once their learnings have been implemented into their new prototype to ensure a robust narrative process to their design.