Prochex is a simple, easy to use app which allows you to assess your project against a number of factors proven to be key in determining success or failure. Based on your assessment it will provide a percentage likelihood of being successful and a host of hints, recommendations and guidance on how to improve the chances of success.

The guidance and recommendations on how to improve your projects chance of success come from the vast experience gained over the last 20 years from project, programme and portfolio management professionals. By encouraging other members of your project team including your sponsor and other senior executives to also use Prochex, multiple perspectives can be generated against the same project. This can be invaluable in order to get a quick appreciation of how everyone thinks the project is doing.

The app captures high level details of the project included duration, cost and lifecycle. It allows users to log multiple versions of the same project as goalposts move and key details are updated or amended. Large projects can be broken down into smaller, manageable pieces that combine to create the full project picture and the app provides instant assessment and results measurements to users while providing helpful hints on how to increase your chances of success.

The data from each assessment will be added to a Global Project Trends database with the exception of the project name which remains confidential to the user. All data is generic and will be used to identify global project trends and how they are changing over time. This information will also become key in understanding where more focused help and support is needed. An annual Global Project Trends Report will be emailed to every registered user, free of charge, with the first report targeted for release in 2014.

Deb Alldridge, digital media project manager commented on the app, As digital project managers, our team tested the Prochex App on a number of our projects to predict the chances of success. This iPhone app offers useful tips and advice while being easy to use. It asks you to input your information and then offers practical advice on how to improve your business module. The graphs give a clear and concise overview and you can email or print out a PDF report to monitor your progress. Its great that drpdigitalmedia team have developed another app that contributes to the business landscape and can help produce successful projects internationally.