Presentation Support

The drpdigitalmedia team have been delivering comprehensive presentation content design and support at client events for over 30 years. This support has usually come hand in hand with the group's events projects, but more and more clients are turning to the digital media team for presentation content design and support for their everyday presentation needs.

Our digital media team have seen clients from a broad range of industry sectors turn to their designers for help creating professional, slick and engaging presentations for internal meetings, business pitches and many other everyday situations relieving the stress that putting together a last minute PowerPoint or Keynote presentation can put on an already heavy workload.

Slide Template Creation

The team helps clients create bespoke slide templates, providing consistency in presentations across large workforces. Our team has helped relieve the pressure on large and complex businesses by providing this service as it's very difficult to communicate in one consistent style and voice with so many employees and business functions. Our presentation specialists provide highly professional designs, always on brand, even providing guidance notes and instructions to make them totally accessible to all levels of technical capability. These can then be cascaded through the company for all to use.


When delivering this service,designers can either take an initial brief from the client and design a simple template or, if required, work closely with the client at their premises to create a purposeful presentation tool with an in-depth understanding of their brand, presentation usage and requirements. Clients have been able to work with the team using a retainer model, activating presentation design days as and when needed and saving on cost in the process.

Ben Wallace, director of drpdigitalmedia, commented, drawing on their vast experience in both PowerPoint and Keynote, the team have been involved in some stunning projects this year including the delivery of 3D animated presentations and the creation of holographic presenters live on stage. More and more each day however the team receive requests to design, create, format or simply tidy up presentations our clients are using at internal meetings, as well as external business development and sales pitches.

Our presentation team spends most of each day designing and delivering presentations for award winning events which need to engage thousands of people at one time so it's great for them to be able to deliver this expertise for clients in a different setting and relieve the pressure.?

To find out more about how the drpdigitalmedia team are assisting businesses through presentation support contact a member of the team on 01299 250 531 or email