We surprise. We inspire. We share.

These are among the words that best describe those evocative occasions we love to recall.

These are the words we bear in mind when we create experiential events for our partner brands.

Events during which people have a good time and come away feeling inspired.

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Basic instinct

When we experience something fun and unexpected the urge to share it is irresistible. Not only do we like giving others a vicarious kick, we also like to be seen as ‘in the know’; the sort of person who has great experiences.

Over the last decade, social media platforms have made moments of unexpected enjoyment a global affair. Associate your brand to the right positive group experience and you’ll find your target audience spreads your message for you, across multiple channels, in ways that engage new customers directly.

That’s why brands are making the most of our need to share experiences by creating events people love.

Few agencies have the skills and resources to create and deliver truly memorable – and shareable – experiences that stir positive emotional associations with brands.

drp is a brand experience agency that understands how to creatively connect with audiences — and has the internal resources to make it all possible, including event, digital, video and print expertise

For Jaguar Land Rover, we developed a TV presenter experience to launch a new car, which participants distributed far beyond the reach of JLR’s social media network. For Thomas Cook, we transported 1200 retail managers into the shoes of their customers, so they could better understand their own product offerings. For Sainsbury’s, we recreated an Olympic experience that lives on in the memories of participants.


Below is an overview of the services we offer.

  • Brand activation events
  • In-store brand environments
  • Experiential window displays
  • Pop-up shops
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Product sampling platforms
  • Brand engagement roadshows
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Conference & tradeshow brand interaction
  • Integrated experiential campaigns
  • Roadshows
  • Experiential campaign video content
  • Viral videos
  • Holographic presenters & brand ambassadors
  • VR environments
  • Social media measurement
  • Bespoke digital engagement platforms
  • Gamification
  • Apps & mobile web development
What we do:
  • Strategy creation
  • Audience insight & segmentation
  • Creative concept development
  • Full in-house production & logistics
  • Video production & post-production
  • Digital design & development
  • Reach analysis and campaign measurement

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