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What Makes a Good Venue Appointment…. Let’s Have a Conversation!

In my career of venue finding, I’ve sat through, quite literally, thousands of venue presentations, some have been great, and others are debatable. Having experienced one of the best recently, I thought it would be good practice to analyse what made it so good and provide some top tips on what makes a good venue appointment. 

The team and I recently had a meeting with a great venue however my initial thought was, is this guy going to hold our attention for the next hour, or am I going to have to fix a smile on my face, grit my teeth and control my concentration and interest?

My heart did start to sink a little when the PowerPoint presentation was being loaded, but to my surprise none of the usual presentation pit-falls arose. You know the ones I mean, tiny images you can barely see, copious amounts of text that the presenter reads word for word, 285 slides, showcasing every bedroom type (they have 30!), the obligatory image of a cup of tea and a pastry.

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For us, content is king, and this must include exceptional imagery, that capture your attention a real starting off point which tell us what’s interesting about your venue. In this particular meeting, the representative really knew his stuff, every question we fired at him didn’t faze him whatsoever, he knew his venues inside and out and we could see he really took the time to ensure his presentation was to a high standard and that filled us with confidence we were in safe hands.

I knew, not even a quarter of the way through his presentation, he really had done his research. He knew the venues we had held events in, the amount of delegates we typically cater for, and the types of clients we provide services to. He was prepared and had a few options ready to show us, and he made each venue or event room memorable by providing examples of what had been done in those rooms before. 

So, this leads me to give some top tips on what really makes a good venue appointment, and what a venue finder can expect and leads to a memorable and worthwhile appointment…...

Tip 1:

Do your homework on the company you are going to visit. It is basically like an interview, you want to ensure that you do your research about the company, what they do, alongside any other key points.

Tip 2:

Remember if you represent a variety of venues in various destinations, and you’re not completely knowledgeable of every venue, don’t be afraid to say you’ll come back to us with further information. Avoid saying things for the sake of answering a question, we can all see through this.

Tip 3:

As mentioned previously, having a portfolio of great imagery is so important. If we can’t see it for ourselves, we want to see the best shots of all the event spaces, accommodation, and meeting rooms. Don’t be afraid to show short video clips in the background to help paint a picture and give us an idea of what to expect if we were to plan an event there. 

"My heart did start to sink a little when the PowerPoint presentation was being loaded, but to my surprise none of the usual presentation pit-falls arose..."

Tip 4:

Be creative and have fun with your presentation. It’s about engaging with your audience. There is nothing worse than a dull presentation. You need to be passionate about the venue in which your're talking about. It works better I believe with a slightly informal approach and more conversational. 

All in all, just be yourself, open up and be friendly. It’s about relationship building, not just an update on your venues. People do business with people and the more you like someone or find them engaging, the more you are likely to remember them, what they are selling and, most importantly, want to stay in-touch.

So, let’s have a chat!

By Emma Kennard - Operations Manager at venuepot