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The Battle of Social Media Stories

Over the last few years, social stories have becoming part of daily life with millions being shared daily. But what channel do you use? Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook? Let’s be honest… probably not Facebook – that didn’t go too well.

Although they are looking to tackle that by utilising Facebook-owned Instagram…

Back in 2012 Snapchat launched – and to what some thought would be a fad and become something that was fun for a couple of months – kept developing to become part of the social media tool-kit. With roughly
 800 hours of video consumed per second (that’s like watching every episode of “Game of Thrones” 13 times, per second), it was the leader in its kind and probably the only player in the market, but, as it is with business, it wasn’t long until the competition opened up.

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But how is the competition doing?

On 2nd August 2016, we welcomed Instagram to the world of social stories. With 300 million people daily and 500 million people each month, Instagram had the following to become serious competitor to Snapchat.

As like most launches, people were cautious and wary of change, but just 12 months on, Instagram are leading the way with 250 million daily users, compared to Snapchat’s 166 million.

I’d say it’s doing pretty well…

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Some would argue they are a clone of each other. So why has Instagram taken such a commanding lead?

Some would say it’s down to Instagram’s following, they didn’t start with a user count of zero, but I believe it could be because of some of the features that Instagram has, and Snapchat fail to offer.

  • The ability to tag friends.
  • The ability to tag locations – vital for the ‘humble brag’ when dining in a 5-star restaurant, but, also great for these restaurants as a marketing channel that has such a cost-effective benefit.
  • The ‘Boomerang’ phenomenon – I’m not sure how or why a short repetitive clip is so addictive, but it is.
  • A recently added feature of polls – allowing users to ask their followers questions like ‘which top should I buy?’. With a vast number of influencers using Instagram stories, you can see why this has been so popular!
  • Swipe up – links to additional information can easily be accessed with a simple swipe up on the screen. Again, another simple yet brilliant feature for businesses and influencers.

"With 300 million people daily and 500 million people each month, Instagram had the following to become serious competitor to Snapchat."

Stories for us at drp…

Sorry Snapchat, we use Instagram.

For drp, Instagram stories are used as a channel to promote and raise awareness of our internal events such as drpbigtalk. They allow us to provide our followers with small insights into life at drp.

Instagram stories complement our Instagram feed which we take pride in creating a visually appealing profile that shows off our work, facilities and team.

So, for us, it’s Instagram. Who comes out on top for you?

By David Lewis - Marketing & Social Media Executive